Technical and Difficult Removal
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Some trees just need to go. They may pose a danger to you or your home. They can be hard on your roof and roots can crack your foundation. Some trees have simply outgrown their space. Regardless of your reason, we are here to help. With over thirty years of experience, the latest safety equipment, skilled climbers and bucket truck operators, you can rest assured your removal will be done safely, without damage, and in a timely manner. 

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Ornamental Pruning

Do you want a well-cared for and maintained yard, but need a little help? We are skilled craftsmen in shaping and containing your ornamental trees, shrubs, and hedges for an aesthetically pleasing and manicured look. At Tree Pro we have over 20 years experience pruning trees for health and appearance. Whether you need a cherry pruned to produce more fruit, or a maple shaped to have the look you want, we have the skills; From fruit trees to arborvitaes, we have you covered!

No longer are the days of having to dig or dynamite a stump out. Tree pro has modern stump grinding equipment capable of getting into tight spaces and turning that problem stump into mulch. We make sure to grind down deep enough into the ground, following the surface roots, allowing you to have your valuable space back to use however you envision. Whether a new tree, grass, or cement… whatever your desire, you will be able to do it when we are done grinding out the stump. 

Stump Grinding
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Brush Chipping and Removal

At Tree Pro we are quick and efficient at grinding brush into mulch, cutting logs into firewood, and final clean up. Whether you want to keep the wood and/or mulch, or have everything hauled off, the area we are working in will be left neat and clean when we are finished. We are prepared to meet your every need.

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View and Sunlight Trimming

Do you need more sun or want to open up a view? Careful and correct thinning such as raising the canopy or crown reduction can completely change your property's look and feel while still keeping your trees healthy and safe.

Fire Clearance
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With wildfires becoming more of a problem as of late, theres a lot as a homeowner can do to protect your home, as well as the homes ofyour neighbors. Removing deadwood, low limbs, and brush near your house will create a safe zone around your home in the event of a wildfire. Keeping the area around your home clear and clean of debris, and limbs raised off of your roof also helps protect against pest infestation, and helps maintain healthy trees and a damage free home.